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tv   CNBC Reports  CNBC  August 11, 2009 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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it's so interesting to me president obama and his government insurance plan seem to be having a lot of trouble but it seems to be in the stock market, the private insurance companies have done great. if the government was going to go through, they'd be crashing. are stocks saying the government insurance plan is dead in the water? >> i think stocks are certainly saying we sure hope it is. obama has been referring for months to those dishonest insurance companies. you would think they would suffer the most under a new passage of that plan and they're up not down and i think as the democratic congressman get home and see the degree of opposition, how much vitriol. it doesn't matter if it was organized by republicans, that's real emotion in that room and those congressman know it. >> you have a great show. >> we have a special hour lined up right now. it starts right here. >> tonight on "cnbc reports."
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we the people are fed up. from airplanes to members of congress to a health care plan most americans don't want to bailout beyond anyone's belief. the government's gone wild. >> as americans we know something is wrong, our country is slipping away! >> tonight, our focus on things most important to you, your family and your money. and a lot may be done to change the things you hold near and dear, throughout the next hour how americans are reacting and how they will react to new rules and big changes. >> i'm as mad as hell and i'm not going to take this anymore! >> you want the real deal with dennis kneale, "cnbc reports" starts right now. >> that last guy was the character howard beal, good evening, i'm dennis kneale. this is a special take back the power edition of "cnbc reports." government has gone too far.
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government has gone wild. government is fat, and out of control! now, we see signs americans have had enough! they're starting to speak up and fight back. let me break it down for you in the real deal with dennis kneale. take a walk over here. a quick word on the markets today. stocks are down two days in a row. s&p 500 falling 16 points or 1.6% since monday. is the correction coming? i'm not worried about that either way. this run ain't done. i still fwlichb great recovery, this remember could be more robust than most people expect. what i'm worried about is the war on capitalism being waged in washington and elsewhere driven by anger and demagoguery. we're still all of us mad at wall street for wrecking our portfolios and scaring us half to death. but this backlash threatens to hurt the very forces of business that we need to bring this economy back to life.
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the obama posse and federal regulators and federal judges are taking this too far. they risk overregulating wall street and overregulating health care and overtaxing capital and wealth creation. the biggest threat, congress itself. these guys are tone deaf and out of touch. finally, some parts of america are waking up and taking to the streets to say enough is enough. they're peppering politicians with questions. why mess with health insurance if 68% of americans already like their coverage? they're giving congress an earful on other gaps including private jet gate. congress authorizing $550 million for eight new private jets after calling auto executives on the carpet for flying private jets on their own. congress says it will spend instead only $220 million on only four planes as the pentagon first requested. i say cut that order to zero. it is an outrage members of
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congress would spend taxpayer money on their own luxury in this recession. it is tone deaf guys, fly first class commercial. you know what i'm saying? this anti-business backlash is so bad it even has invaded the federal judiciaryry. a federal judge named rakoff fined the bank $33 million for allegedly failing to inform shareholders fully about bonuses at merrill lynch. but the judge, instead of granting routine approval has launched a bonus in qui sichlgts he demands more details who knew what, when, gee, were the bonuses taken from the federal t.a.r.p. program? you know what? it ain't any of his business. the sec case is based on disclosure rules not on the validity or fairness of a bonus plan. judges almost never interfere
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with the sec as it regulate is in the public interest. that's the sec's per viurview. not the judge's, b of a had been prepared to pay out $5.8 billion in bonuses but merrill turned out to pay only $3.6 billion that was down 40% from the bonuses paid the year before. see, like obama and congress, the judge doesn't understand what wall street bonuses really are. they aren't paid on top of full compensation, they're paid at year-end to hit full pay. and in a bad year like 2008, they dropped sharply. you won't hear any of that from washington or from the federal bench. will this backlash hurt business? will it ruin our great recovery? let's listen to the real squad. we have julian epstein, julia raginsky, bernard, keith boykin,
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amanda carpenter and representative joe cess stack and representative marsha blackburn have been kind enough to be here with us tonight and congress persons. we'll start with you alone. you were very patient to come with us congressman sestack. are you sticking with the four plane planes ordered initially? or take them all out as i argue. >> we should take out the four plane this is an add in. and the planes we will replace in a very timely way, those types of planes permitted us when 9/11 happened, for the head of norad to be able when all the planes of the united states were placed on the ground, to be able to get somewhere to meet with the president of the united
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states. if you want to use first class in that kind of incidence, that's whole change and we won't be able to have meetings done when they need to in emergency. >> yes, sir. >> the reason we do this because an older plane costs about $2,000 more per maintenance hour in order to fly. so over time. >> right. >> you need to pay more for the older planes or you do a very deliberate change of commanders to get around, not lawmakers. >> yes, sir. it's a very compelling argument a newer technology plane is cheaper to operate. you know what, that's exactly the argument congress didn't listen to when citigroup was criticized for buying a new plane after taking tapp money and canceled plans and stuck with plans more expensive and congress didn't care. interesting now congress is much more in favor of a more economic newer jet to operate. let's ask our other congress person, marsha blackburn, i read in the "wall street journal" today, congressman opposed to senators represent a district,
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neighborhood. we have congress people going halfway around the world, why is that needed at all and also why on a private jet? >> every once in a while there, is oversight that congress does need to do. sometimes you need to go in and visit the troops when they're deployed. i'm certain that admiral sestak during his career saw many times congress abused that privilege and that honor of being able to travel and represent our nation somewhere that was needed. >> congressman sestak, did you see that in the military feel some congressman were abusing it? >> my take is these junket, i've been in congress 2 1/2 years, i've only gone to iraq and i did go commercial, i believe we shouldn't have lawmakers using these types of private jets, i think she's right. >> whoa! good for you.
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congre congresswoman blackburn, you're on a roll, take. >> it it's about priorities, appropriations about priorities. if the military -- if the pentagon said we need to replace certain aircraft, that needs be justified. if congress decides they want to be spending more, they need to figure out how they're going to pay for it and quite frankly right now we don't have the money and quite frankly there, are troops like my 101st airborne out of fort campbell home, getting ready to redeploy. we need to be meeting the needs of those troops and their families with those funds, not buying additional aircraft. >> let's bring in the rest of the real deal team. julian, julie, ben and peter. >> you're an advisor type of guy for politicians. congress is way out of line on this one, aren't they? julia julian? >> planes are in fact cheaper to operate as congressman sestak pointed out, cut that in half.
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i think it's consistent with what congresswoman blackburn said, a lot of criticism on the private jet industry, i've done work with that industry and i think they've made it clear it is essential to so many businesses all over the country because commercial airlines don't serve so many parts of the country, rural america, so i think that part is backing off. >> congress wasn't exactly gracious, murtha, how he backed off this. >> let's cut to the chase. from pennsylvania and john murtha far more powerful, this has murtha's fingerprints all over it. he tried this 20 years ago in 1989, he tried to flip into the budget air force 3 for tom foley, who was speaker at the time. some of us are rooting for you, congressman sestak. you're running .
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why don't you take out these planes. >> what about. >> it i said the four requested should not be in there. the original four are the only ones i support. >> voters don't want half a loaf. they want the whole loaf. >> dennis -- >> julie, if i can. >> if i can jump in, from what i understand, general petraeus does not need to get on a first class commercial flight if he needs to be somewhere quickly. those are the four planes the pentagon requested. frank frankly general petraeus unlike citigroup doesn't need to be out of iraq in a hurry needs have private planes to get somewhere. i am fully supportive of our military and leadership getting somewhere. >> when did any general not have a plane when they needed it? >> apparently now. >> it's ridiculous. this comes down to leadership. nancy pelosi gets on planes, private jets all the time. murtha would like to do the same
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exact thing and the president of the united states of america decides to get on these types of planes to go to chicago for date night and his wife decided to take three extra days in paris and fly back not with her husband but a totally different plane and charge taxpayers for it. they're seeing the first lady doing it. >> did george bush fly commercial to crawford, texas or fly air force one? give me a break. >> step up and take care of this in a manly way, i have to break out of this. i do want to point out, guys, if congress had never been demagog demagoguing about it and pias about it on the jets, they wouldn't look like such fools on this issue. maybe they ought to hold their tongues and let business be business. that's one of the things that has me steamed up. i'm not the only one. listen. until you get the indian --
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many members of congress getting a rude reception from constituents while they hold town halls during the recess. brace for the bitterness. >> who sent me here? who sent me here? i sent myself! i how dare you! how dare you claim i'm part of a conspiracy! >> no, that's not true. that's the law. that's the law! >> how dare you, how dare you! >> wow! is this debate undemocratic, unamerican or is this indeed the pinnacle of democracy? on the right we have radio commentator greg knapp, amanda carpenter with the "washington times." on the left, keith boykin and bernard.
8:19 pm
first, let's bring back our members of congress, joe sestak and marsha blackburn. congressman sestak, one issue added to this debate is the way the obama posse is characterizing the opposition, they're saying it's big fat public interest, almost implying it's unamerican, burning in effigy in these protests i thought it was incredibly american we were doing in 1776. do you think the opposition to obama-care is in any way unamerican or purely orchestrated by special interests opposed to grassroots response? >> there's a bit of that, but i went to all 67 counties in pennsylvania for three weeks before i got in the race against arlen specter in july. there is angst out there among every one. why? they're in a very savage recession. they can't afford with their 401s and iras to send their kids
8:20 pm
to college and we in washington d.c. have been in an echo chamber and not able to explain. when i left the military my 4-year-old had a brain tumor, cancer. i had a wonderful health care plan that saved her. i got in this, for this plan. there is misleading information out there. tomorrow night, in center city, philadelphia, i did my first town hall in my distribute the day after i left congress for the recess, i'm doing my second one tomorrow night. this is exactly a requirement upon us to be leaders to step in and say, this is an anxiety of the moment, but doing nothing is not an option. we did it the last decade. we had 8 million americans lose their health care and health premiums went up 80%. i would love to, during this discussion, explain why this plan is not government just run, it is a good -- with disciplined costs. >> you'll have time later.
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congresswoman blackburn, he's good, clearly running for office and kind of electable there. that was kind of an eloquent statement he made. where do you fall in on this. >> one of the things i will say, we have done three town hall meetings so far and we're trying to put more in during this break. we advertised, got the word out over facebook. we had more people attend each one of those than we had ever expected that we would. what i have found from the people that have attended, they are coming with specific questions, they want to know how this plan would affect them, they want the facts, and most importantly, they want to know that we're listening to them. what they are telling us is this. they do not want a bureaucrat making decisions that their physicians should be making. they do not want their medicare benefits diminished. they do not want a government-run plan and they want to know their member of congress is going to take the time to listen to them.
8:22 pm
they are very very concerned about having a government-run program. in tennessee, we had the test case for hillary clinton health care. didn't work. >> we have to throw it up to the real deal squad, if i can implore my two elected officials, i have great respect for you, i must tell you, it's not the florihouse. i have to keep your responses shorter. we will go to julia, keith boykin, amanda carpenter. they changed the lineup on me. keith boykin, start us off. we just heard congressman sestak say, no, this is not some republican orchestrated backlash, people are truly concerned. why don't you liberal dems start over and rifle in on the 15 million unemployed people who can't get. >> it you have sarah palin making up distortions and lies about death panels that don't exist. you have this guy at the town hall meeting talking about get your government hands off my medicare not even realizing
8:23 pm
medicare is a government program and people carrying guns and shouting matches in town hall meetings, you can't have a serious discussion in this context. what's astounding about the two members of congress both have government insurance. they have the option to choose among government or public provider, why can't the american people have the same thing members of congresses. >> unfortunately the plan is so bad even the congressman voting for it don't want to be represented in it. go ahead, greg. >> they don't want it. the people are mad because congress is not listening to them. these are not town hall meetings for dialogue. the congressman expected them to sit down and listen. obama is spreading misinformation, says you get to keep your doctors and insurance, not if your insurance doesn't meet the mandates it will phase out, not if your employer keeps paying the taxes, you will be faced out. >> he also said today greg, the aarp, american association for
8:24 pm
retired persons has come out in favor of his plan and indeed it has not. worse than that, hey, it's easy to compete against the government, fedex and u.p.s. does it and -- that's not good. >> i wish these town hall meetings were about health care. i'm telling you it's not. it has to do with distrust that began with t.a.r.p. and went to the stimulus package and told if we put $887 billion on our credit card, it build help unemployment i. has not and the bill is coming and that's why they're so worried. >> is it a broader protest. >> what's amazing, if you listen to the people so stirred up bri insurance companies on the far right. >> insurance companies are for this. >> you will hear how falty and dis disiningenious their claims are, my favorite is get your hands off my medicare. >> that's one guy who said that. >> the only rationing is
8:25 pm
insurance companies rationing cares through inclusions and exceptions and denial of coverage. what this plan will do is prevent rationing. >> hold on. i got to take a little break here, right, we're breaking. representative blackburn, thank you very much for coming in. i know you have a lot going on. where are we going from here, guys? i need a tell prompter. i need something, i'm nowhere. >> get obama's tell prompter. >> there you go. he's better at the telly prompter than i am. we'll get back to the judge legislating from the bench. back in two minutes.
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and one of the most technologically advanced automobiles on the planet. this is the 9th generation e-class. this is mercedes-benz. people say how can a private company compete against the government. you think about it, u.p.s. and fedex are doing just fine, right? the -- no, they are. it's the post office that's always having problems. >> right. it's the post office that's a government agency, thank you for making my point for me, mr. president. i got a question for you, guys. when is a deal a deal? not apparently when president obama makes a promise to business, as he pushes his health care overhaul for 300 million people so we can cover 15 million who want insurance but can't get it, bam, he's done in business and making
8:29 pm
concessions. he stuck a deal with big pharma, $80 billion over 10 years, drug makers thought that's it. now the obama posse is back and they want more. can business even trust obama? i say, no, it really can't. let's ask the real dealers. bring back our special real deal squad, representative joe cess stack, julia, ben flaherty. congressman cess stack, what do you think about this? i thought obama was supposed to be cutting health care costs by efficiency, better medicine, i didn't know it was about jawboning business into granting price cuts. >> as you know, i've read the bill. $1.02 billion in the house bill, half of it has been scored as actual savings, $5.5 billion for medicare advantage. the important point here is in pennsylvania two companies have 70% of all private health care planks a duopoly.
8:30 pm
the value of a public health care option not subsidized by the government but only by the co-pays and premiums of those who choose to join it is something that can begin competition because you're not paying $23 million to a ceo. second, you and i pay, dennis, $400 more per individual for the uninsured for our private health care plan because they go in the emergency room, the hospital passes to the insurance agency to us. by bringing them in and getting them preventative care we begin to bend the costs of the cost curve. so this is why i'm for it. it's for the pocketbook. doing nothing -- >> dennis. remember that shorter thing, congressman that shorter bite thing i was asking you about. >> i'm a politician! >> is there any way to compete against government? >> no. i think the one thing is i want to read from the bill exactly, page 124 says no company can sue the government for price fixing. you want to know why these
8:31 pm
people are terrified of this government plan? it's because they're saying you can't even say so in what your product costs. look what he said today, he's ripping, this is what happens when he doesn't have a teleprompter, ripping on the u.s. postal service saying it doesn't work against the private sector and he doesn't know what he's talking about. >> ben, i think he knew exactly what he was saying, saying very clearly for all of you afraid the government will put private insurers out of business, in fact -- >> but with price fixing. >> i haven't seen line 87 of the legislation. >> you ought to read it before you support it. >> let's not forget the post office has a monopoly of first class mail. obama is making the argument of the critics of the plan if the government makes the rules the government will win in the end. >> the government is not winning with the post office.
8:32 pm
>> when has a brokered political process ever done better than free market? >> let's go to the videotape and hear that nice little bite from bam again. give a listen again. >> people say, well, how can a private company compete against the government? if you think about it, u.p.s. and fedex are doing just fine. right? no, they are. it's the post of fis that's always having problems. >> right. julian epstein, if you were advising obama, wouldn't you be mortified by that statement, the post office, government guy having problems like the government insurance plan. >> it's the opposite in health care, every single study that looked at the health insurance system has found it weights between 35 cents and 33 cents on every dollar and the medicaid system is much more efficient. i think in fairness, democrats have stumbled in the last couple of weeks. thick they need go back into campaign mode the way they were
8:33 pm
in election of '08 and need a clearer message that is this. with meaningful reform we will get expand the medicaid system, everybody agrees a system that works, second, regulate the insurance industry so they cut out all the waste and stop getting insurance executives in the middle of patients and doctors. the third thing we need to do if i can finish, we need meaningful competition to the insurance industry which is what the government co-op plan is about. >> you can't talk forever and not expect to be interrupted. >> he made the point there's only two private coverages in pennsylvania. why is that because of the mandates passed by the pennsylvania legislature that made it unprofitable for other companies to come in. you can't blame intervention for the failure. we need to get rid of this, and have real competition. >> actually those mandates are so vit a. if we don't have a
8:34 pm
woman get a mammogram every year when she's 40, not only will her health suffer, as important, we'll pay more because she will get acutely ill. those are the mandates necessary. >> dennis, if i may, you know -- dennis, thank you thank you, if i may, i mean, i frankly think the people showing up with the vitreol at these town hall meetings are not making the case they want to be making -- >> sure they are. >> can i finish, there are substantive issues that may or may not be correct. when you accuse barack obama of euthanasia or adolph hitler. >> didn't do that. >> lush limbau rush limbaugh di. congressman cess stack -- accuse him for going to hell for supporting this legislation as accused of this morning, you're not helping your cause, you come
8:35 pm
across as a whack job. >> you pick one person that said that. >> i just listed four different instances. >> i want to look at the bill. that matters to me. i would like to ask the congressman this question he says his bill is so good why on page 427 does the government mandate programs for life sustaining treatment. the government will tell me how much treatment i get at the end of life. how is that good health for me. >> congressman. >> no. the only thing it says is we will reimburse the doctor if they decide to sit down with someone voluntarily and talk about consultation who do you want to have a living will. >> ben, i know you like to read the bill. the previous comment you made about the price fixing shows you're just looking at words and you don't understand what they mean. >> have you read the bill? because i have read the bill with four doctors. >> you can't per se have a price fixing case against the government. >> exactly. the bill says you can't. >> you wouldn't be making these
8:36 pm
statements. the democratic bill will give you more choices and lower costs. i don't understand how republicans who are a shrinking party will -- >> let me point out, you say that the opposition has told a bunch of lies. it's not the wild eyed lies that has american really worried about this, it's the idea that, man, they're going to come in and mess it all up. government will get in way too much. we have $700 billion a year in unnecessary medical procedures because of bad medicine but also because of lawsuit fears. there's not a single thing on lawsuit reform in this bill. this is nothing but a huge mess. >> what is your altsniff your alternative is doing nothing and therefore we have another 8 million uninsured and premiums go up? >> opponents don't want to do anything. you know what i want to do, i want for 15 million people who want insurance but cannot afford. >> it amen. >> and don't qualify. thanks guys, back in two minutes.
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mr. evans? this is janice from onstar. i have received an automatic signal you've been in a front-end crash. do you need help? yeah. i'll contact emergency services and stay with you. you okay? yeah.
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we're going to be talking about hillary's big blow-up in a few minutes.
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but first, bonus bashing. it's a wonderful popular pastime among politicians and the public. now, that sentiment is creeping into our court system. federal judge jed rakoff is refusing to sign on a deal between government and bank of america. that settlement calls for bank of america to pay the feds $33 million in fines for not disclosing bonus s es to employ. did the judge overstep his bounds or is he right to deny the settle. with us, al, assistant labor secretary under president reagan and author of "win one for the shareholders" and debra danielson, founder of the danielson financial group, both with us tonight. thanks for being here. al, i talked to a securities lawyer today said this is extremely rare, never seen a judge do this in an sec settlement and the guy is way out of bounds. what do you say? >> of course he does, this
8:41 pm
starts at the top, anti-free enterprise, anti-businessmen talent running through the administration and congress right now and finding it seeping its way down to the legal system. it all started with throwing out the rule book on the auto industry and sticking it to the bondholders and now we're looking for any excuse we can to stick it to anybody in business. >> debra, what do you say? >> i agree. people forget merrill lynch employees are not, employees, they're not entrepreneurs. when they signed on for a job, they had specific tasks they were to do. it wasn't to make merrill lynch a profit. part of their bonuses was part of their compensation package they should be entitled to if they have done what they need to do. >> do you think they need to be punished. everyone keeps saying they did a bad job and don't deserve bonuses and want all the employees punished even the ones who didn't do the particular bad job, debra. >> i don't think those employees did a particular bad job. they're throwing the baby with
8:42 pm
the bath water. those employees, if they met their obligation and did what they were to dine their job, unless their job was specifically making merrill lynch a profit, they did their job and should be paid their compensation. >> traders, that is their job to make a profit. al, do you think this kind of bonus backlash can hurt the recovery. i keep thinking we can make a recovery if this doesn't get in the way. >> absolutely. 63% of americans are shareholders and watching this go back and forth. shareholders be wear, caveat emptor, this will turn into a very serious problem that will undermine equity markets and confidence in recovery and furthermore showing people we really haven't solved the fundamental problems that got us to where we are. this is a rush to judgment against business rather than logical way to sort problems out and get business back on the path to recovery. >> thanks for being with us tonight. have a great evening. next up, hillary clinton,
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we're back. one reason even rank and file americans have a problem soaking the rich and raising taxes everywhere. we hope to one day be rich. america is embarking on the great recovery, we should all be proud to be part of it. one guy that represents the determination of the american dream is andy andrews, author of a lovely book called "the noticer." when he was 19 years old, he was living homeless under the santa monica pier. you made the best-seller's list which means i hate you. how did you get there. >> it wasn't the santa monica pier, in athletics right near santa monica. >> that was my producers fault.
8:47 pm
go ahead. >> my parents died, my mom died of cancer, my dad in a car accident. i made a bunch of bad decisions and ended up literally homeless before that was even a term. 30 years ago, nobody was talking about it. >> just a beach bum. what set you right? >> i met an old guy late one night who told me something very specific that i think is the answer for america's people right now. >> what is that? >> do something. he said, when you don't know what to do, do something. he said, i know you can't do everything right now, but you can do something right now. you've sat around for so long, been so scared and so worried you've begun to doubt the very value in your life. what value do you have? can you read for known go read to them. can you pull weeds for somebody, go pull weeds. i'm not saying go ask them if i pull your weeds will you give me $10? what i'm saying is if i pull these weeds go, out and find them and pull them and you will
8:48 pm
establish value in your life that you didn't realize was there. other people will see a value in you that they didn't see before. people of value get opportunities and jobs, yeah. >> instead of sitting back and feeling the fear, folks, sell the hope, build some hope. >> yeah. >> thanks for that, andy. we will bring in the real deal squad actually. julian, julie, ben, peter, amanda, bernard, keith and greg, what's the name of that maid on t "the brady brunch," alice, i think was her name. greg knapp start us off isn't this a great tale, a guy homeless 1920 years old, fat and happy, not that fat but seller on the best-seller "new york times" list. >> absolutely. we need a new american dream. the idea of one job for 40 years, retire with a gold watch isn't there. you have to come up with ways to create income generators for yourself, more than one, hopefully more than one.
8:49 pm
>> julie, you believe in hard work. sometimes i think we're not talking enough about hard work. >> i certainly do. sometimes i think we don't engage enough in it every day. andy, it's a great story and fabulous and a lot of people need to take a lesson. greg and i agree 100%, you know longer have a guarantee of a job for 40 years. you have to work. >> we don't like agreement on this show. >> sorry. shame on you. >> isn't andy's message contrary to obama? >> come on! >> what he really wants to do is control us. this guy lives in his car, made something out of his life. will that be possible in 10 years, 20 years, 40 years? >> we have spent so much time in this country looking at each other and devaluing each other. when we look at a kid and say, oh, you're going to be a doctor but you're going to be a guy who fixes cars, don't we need people to fix cars? what we need to do is not be divided by color or finances or
8:50 pm
political affiliation, we need to create value in each other and we can do that by doing somethin something. >> free market. >> that also means we have to stop the demonization of the other in our society. they did that for eight years in the bush administration. >> if you were an immigrant right now, if you were an immigrant, black, gay, anything different, you were devalued. >> come on! >> the host needs to speak. you're right, keith, about demonization in the bush administration but obama, anyone who opposes him, he gets sulky and sullen and he starts to attack. he says they're part of the special interest and want to have gridlock. >> right now -- right now -- what andy is talking about that is ultimately how we will get out of this recession is to do something. i think we're starting to see that right now. the rasmussen confidence index just came out, at its highest level since the bottom dropped
8:51 pm
out of the economy in september, gone up 19 points this year. >> we have to make sure people do something. >> talk shorter, please. >> we have to make sure when people do something they don't get punished for it and taxed more and more of their freedom taken away. they have to have the opportunities and get the government out of the way. >> or if you get involved out there, when you do come out and get involved and you actually take charge of your own life and have an opinion about health care reform you don't get called unamerican for doing it. >> are you kidding me about everything george bush said about people and criticized us. >> he never called anybody -- >> julie. what is your answer to that. >> my answer is, andy, you did a great job, you're right we shouldn't be demonizing each other. on this panel, you did a fabulous thing, republicans blaming obama for all the ills of the world. >> i didn't blame anybody. >> one at a time. >> there was a time in this
8:52 pm
country. >> be quiet, everyone, please, run your comments through me, i'm trying to maintain control! >> too many people here, >> people are trying to control me. ben ferguson, about being demonized, i read somewhere that you're all but banned from cnn because of health care commentary. what's going on with that? >> there's a lot of people that don't like me because i look at the bill, talk about it, and then they say we can't have that guy because he reads from the actual bill and talks about it in this country. >> i don't think that's it, ben. i think frankly you have your own radio show and you're barely able to grow facial hair. that's what they resent. >> or he doesn't understand the basic parts of what's in the bill. >> or you didn't read the bill. maybe that's it. >> i think the story was a magnificent story. we all believe in the american dream and entrepreneurism. we need to reform energy, health care system so that we can compete in the 21st century. and every time we try to make
8:53 pm
reforms, what we're hearing from the other side socialism -- >> you're for big government. reform is not getting the government and that's every time you do reform. that's the problem. >> we had an election -- >> one at a time. julie, you have to talk. that's why you're getting interrupted. we you're filibustering. >> the american people, more than 100 million of them, decided they wanted a democratic congress. why is obama -- >> if you're an independent -- >> people want more than anything else -- what people want more than anything else is to live a life of principle. they want to live a life where they look and remember that there were yeses and nos and rights and wrongs and they want to believe the people who are working for them. politicians are only actors who
8:54 pm
are reciting script written by the audience. >> andy, i think what the american people want most is not necessarily principles. i think the american people want to be left alone. >> there was an election last november. >> i have one last hot button issue tonight, guys. secretary of state hillary clinton seemed to be a bit bothered by her husband's recent resurgence. i just love bill clinton. i think he's great. in a case of lost translation, lost in translation, mrs. clinton had an outburst in the congo -- i thought we're not supposed to call it the congo anymore -- when a student asked her what her husband thought about a multibillion-dollar chinese loan. this was her answer. >> wait. you want me to tell you what my husband thinks? my husband is not the secretary of state. i am.
8:55 pm
you ask my opinion, i will tell you my opinion. i'm not going to be channelling my husband. >> turns out the translator kind of blew it and mistook her husband for mr. obama. what is the president, president obama, think of it. you think of the president, you think of mr. clinton. i don't think that's the point. is hillary being a bit oversensitive? maybe she was having cranky jet lag. >> here we go, the woman is being cranky. i don't blame her. for how many years she has been mrs. clinton. last week bill clinton went to north korea. she's the secretary of state. bill clinton, her husband, was the only guy who could go to korea and get these two hostages out. i don't blame her for being frustrated in thinking she's a little woman. as a woman i would be frustrated if all of my accomplishments or people thought my accomplishments were only due to the fact my husband was the president. give hillary clinton a break. >> the view from one lefty lady. the view from one righty lady. >> i'm going to be more hard
8:56 pm
line on this. that was so terribly undiplomatic. even if she was offended, she has to mask it. she is secretary of state. if she wants to spread the message, that is not the way to do it. >> having a problem with translation, remember the thing with the russians? the word meant something very different in russia. i don't think she's making a good impression for this country. she gets adoring press coverage here. i think it's a very different opinion abroad. >> leave her alone, she's fabulous. >> thank you for being with us. my apology for getting heated when i had to stop you from ough! you get half and you get half. ( chirp ) team three, boathouse? ( chirp ) oh yeah-- his and hers. - ( crowd gasping ) - ( chirp ) van gogh? ( chirp ) even steven. - ( chirp ) mansion. - ( chirp ) good to go. ( grunts ) timber!
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